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40 Million

EKGs recorded worldwide

Why Kardia?
  • Easy to use

    Just put your fingers on the sensors—no wires, patches or gels required.

  • Affordable

    Starting at $99 with free shipping in the US. And you can pay with pre-tax dollars using your FSA, HSA or HRA.

  • Portable

    Check in with your heart on the go. Just slip it in your pocket or wear it on your wrist.

  • Trusted

    FDA-cleared, medical-grade EKG recordings. 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

  • Share with your doctor

    Track data over time or email medical-grade recordings directly to your doctor for review.

The EKG for Apple Watch

The world's first medical-grade
30-second EKG for Apple Watch®.
KardiaBand is making it easier than ever
to take control of your heart health.

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See why leading cardiologists trust Kardia for medical-grade EKG recordings.

Every purchase of KardiaMobile includes our basic service free of charge, which includes unlimited EKG recordings with instant analysis, blood pressure and weight tracking, and storage of recorded EKGs on your phone.

Premium Protection Plan
Add even greater peace of mind with a Premium Protection Plan for only $9.99/mo.
  • Easily replace your Kardia device if it's lost, stolen or broken for just $19.99.

  • Cloud Storage & Security

    Enjoy secure access to all of your EKG recordings on any device, accessible anytime, anywhere.

  • Personalized Heart Health Report††

    Receive a mailed report every 30 days with a summary of your EKG and blood pressure data to share with your doctor.

  • Medication Tracking

    Receive reminders to take specific medication at your doctor’s recommended times and track your medication history.

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And take control of your heart health.
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Can’t live without Kardia
L. Smith Five star rating

“It is an accurate, informational, cost effective tool providing peace of mind for both me and my family as well as an important medical diagnostic and communication tool between me and my cardiology team”

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