Patient-Centric AFib Screening

Early detection of arrhythmias is possible with Kardia screening program, a home-based screening program that is easy for at-risk members to follow, for short or long-term monitoring.

AFib Prevalence is significantly undetected


of AFib patients are asymptomatic


of patients’ first clinical manifestation of AFib is stroke²


AFib can increase annual health care costs by $8700 per patient³


Proven to detect undiagnosed 
AFib & reduce total cost of care⁴

  • #1 patient-preferred personal ECG brand with high satisfaction
  • Easy to use for long-term monitoring with no uncomfortable patches or wires
  • FDA-cleared, instant heart rhythm determination gives patients peace of mind
  • Telecardiology coverage nationwide with same-day appointments available

KardiaMobile® detected more AFib than routine care

REHEARSE-AF Study found a nearly 4x increase in AFib detection in KardiaMobile group compared to routine care alone.⁴

  • RCT (n=1001) using KardiaMobile for AFib screening
  • Patients aged ≥ 65 with CHADS-VASc score ≥ 2
  • ECGs captured 2x weekly over 12 months (or if symptomatic)

How It Works

    Step 1

Step 1

At-risk members enroll in program and receive KardiaMobile ECG device for real-time monitoring.

    Step 2

Step 2

If possible arrhythmia detected, AliveCor cardiac tech reviews ECG within 24 hrs and sends to cardiologist for confirmation.

    Step 3

Step 3

Member receives virtual visit with AliveCor-affiliated cardiologist to make an appropriate diagnosis, with guidance to appropriate health plan resources.

Offer an innovative supplemental benefit program designed to improve risk adjustment accuracy and support quality initiatives

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