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Turnkey ECG solutions for wearable technology

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We offer proven, clinically validated technology that delivers valuable cardiac information to consumers to help them stay healthy.

Leader in personal ECG technology

with the world’s first FDA-cleared, 6-lead personal ECG reader and the first ECG reader for wearable devices.

  • 2M+ lifetime users
  • 150M+ ECGs recorded
  • Distributed in 35+ countries

Regulatory-cleared ECG devices and premium services

including recording, digital filtering, DNN (Deep Neural Network) algorithms and clinical services.

  • 100+ patents filed globally

Strong clinical validation

through partnerships with leading health systems, pharmaceutical companies, and research organizations.

  • #1 doctor-recommended personal ECG
  • 170+ peer-reviewed articles


Our device expertise, AI for clinical determinations, security compliance and robust heart health management platform offer you a comprehensive set of OEM solutions for incorporating ECG monitoring technology.

Hardware Reference Designs

Proven form factor templates to easily incorporate ECG technology

  • Designed in partnership with leading wearables chipset vendors and ODMs
  • Assistance with design decisions such as ECG electrode materials and placement

Companion App & Cloud Integration Tools

Turnkey ECG recording software for Android devices

  • SDK allows third-party apps to securely pull, analyze and display ECG results using AliveCor’s AI algorithms
  • APIs allow data storage and retrieval from AliveCor cloud to device or partner enterprise system
  • Integrate ECG data from wearable devices to our companion app or yours

Smartwatch Apps

Identifies advanced heart rhythm determinations through AI

  • Continuous heart rate monitoring availability
  • Premium security with HIPAA, SOC2 and ISO27001 compliance
  • Included as part of IP licensing

KardiaCare™ Service Features*

Kardia-branded, consumer-facing heart health service as an optional feature

  • ECG reviews and cardiologist consults
  • All services are delivered through companion apps
  • Enroll subscribers without having to handle any consumer transactions

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*Advanced determinations and product replacement aren't available to third parties.