Data Integration Solutions

Easily import ECG monitoring functionality and data into your system

EHR Integration

Automatically pull ECGs into your EHR system

Integrating cardiac patient data into your EHR

The ECGs your patients take at the hospital or at home can be automatically and seamlessly pulled into your EHR system. AliveCor partners with leading EHR software and cardiac information management systems, such as GE Healthcare’s MUSE NX, so that data can be quickly integrated without interruption to your workflow.

See how KardiaMobile® 6L integrates with your GE Healthcare’s MUSE NX

AliveCor SDK

ECG solutions for mobile app developers

Leverage our FDA-cleared AI algorithms to securely pull, process and display ECG results

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) allows developers to use our ECG recording and Kardia AI technology inside the apps they build. With AliveCor’s SDK, they have the ability to connect with the KardiaMobile® 6L device, initiate ECG recordings, display the waveform, interpret the results using AliveCor’s AI algorithms and display the results to the user.*

"The integration process was extremely smooth, thanks to the combination of a well-architected SDK, comprehensive technical documentation, an engaged engineering support team at AliveCor, and of course the ECG devices themselves."
Keith Thomas

Care Innovations
Sr. Director, DCT Operations

  • Create a raw data file on the mobile device that your mobile app can manage
  • Options to display rhythm strip views to the user — or to create PDFs of the recording
  • Retain control of raw data files and PDFs to send to your system
  • The SDK package is available for Android and iOS environments

Benefits to your Organization

Minimize mobile app development time and cost by utilizing our turnkey SDK recording flow

Quickly import into your system the ECG data captured by KardiaMobile 6L in PDF or raw time series formats

Leverage AliveCor AI algorithms for automatic classification of ECGs into the following categories: normal sinus rhythm, possible AFib, tachycardia or bradycardia

Simplify or potentially eliminate time needed for regulatory clearance by leveraging our FDA-cleared device for turnkey recording flow

AliveCor API

Access patient ECG data via cloud for streamlined workflow

Seamlessly import patient ECG data into your system

The AliveCor Application Programming Interface (API) allows access to patient data stored in the cloud through KardiaPro®, so it can be easily imported into another system to simplify workflow.

  • Provides cloud administrative functions such as user account and permissions setup, add/remove patients and revoke patients
  • Allows you to perform critical workflow tasks involving ECGs from within your own system
  • Removes the need to access a separate web portal or log in to another system

Benefits to your Organization

Leverage AliveCor AI algorithms for automatic arrhythmia detection

Quickly import patient ECGs into your enterprise system in PDF or raw time series formats

Easily add or remove patients from the system using the AliveCor Cloud

Rapidly create and email connection codes to attach a patient to your ecosystem

Automatically connects your system with QT overread provider system, if needed

Webhook notifications alert your system when a new ECG is available

Standard REST protocols reduce time spent on integrating data

API keys for authentication offer HIPAA compliance and enhanced security

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