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Develop customized digital health solutions for cardiology and remote patient monitoring platforms.

BioPharma Solutions

KardiaMobile® 6L

Doctor-recommended and patient-preferred, KardiaMobile 6L is FDA-cleared to provide medical-grade heart rhythm data, anytime and anywhere. With no wires, patches or gels, the device easily captures six leads of patient heart data, either remotely or onsite.


KardiaRx is an iOS/Android app that enables remote ECG capture and monitoring in decentralized clinical trials. When paired with KardiaMobile 6L, patient ECGs are automatically uploaded to KardiaPro, our web-based portal, or another preferred EDC platform, providing 24/7 access to critical cardiac rhythm data.


KardiaStation by AliveCor BioPharma allows healthcare professionals and clinical teams to record, store and review six leads of patient ECG data, right in their office, using KardiaMobile 6L. KardiaStation can instantly display QT interval measurements** to help physicians more confidently prescribe QT-prolonging medications.


Securely manage and review ECG data captured with KardiaMobile 6L on our HIPAA-compliant, SOC-2 certified, web-based portal.

Instant, Automated Cardiac Rhythm Determinations with KardiaMobile 6L:

  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Bradycardia
  • Tachycardia
  • QT/QTc/QTcF**
  • Sinus Rhythm with SVE
  • Sinus Rhythm with PVCs
  • Sinus Rhythm with Wide QRS

AliveCor BioPharma Team

Trust over 70 years of combined experience in leading Top 10 Pharma and CRO companies, bolstered by data management, clinical operations, and engineering teams supporting our customers across projects.

David Zied

David Zied

VP, Global BioPharma Partnerships

David is an experienced pharmaceutical executive with more than 25 years in sales, marketing and operational leadership roles with several of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, including GSK, BMS, Bayer and Eisai. After working across several therapeutic areas including neurology, mental illness, cardiology and 15+ years in oncology, David joined AliveCor from Novartis Oncology, where he was responsible for developing innovative digital solutions through strategic partnerships with startups, including AliveCor. As the VP of Global BioPharma Partnerships, David works closely with Pharma clients to develop and launch brand-focused digital solutions to enable brand growth and improve patient access worldwide.

Tom Flaherty

Tom Flaherty

Director, Cardiac Digital Solutions, BioPharma Sales

Tom is a highly regarded voice in the biopharma industry with extensive experience in clinical trial research and business development spanning over 20 years. With a strong background in cardiovascular and CNS, he specializes in consulting with pharmaceutical companies and CROs to implement device and biosensor strategies and integrations into their studies and clinical trials. Tom joined AliveCor after holding business development roles with prestigious, globally recognized companies focusing on clinical trial research, including Verily and Philips Healthcare. His focus and passion are to consult and partner with Pharma and CROs to utilize Alivecor's vast cardiovascular solutions and innovation to improve the patient and HCP experience within the clinical trial setting.

Arush Pandya

Arush Pandya

Senior Director, Global BioPharma Product Management

Arush is a Product Manager, innovator, and entrepreneur who is passionate about finding solutions to consumer-centric problems in the healthcare industry. He is currently the Senior Director of Product Management for Global BioPharma at AliveCor where he oversees development and implementation of technical solutions to enable cutting-edge ECG recording technologies for clinical trials, cardiac safety monitoring programs, and DTx programs. Arush has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Hager Elgedawe

Hager Elgedawe

Global Clinical Implementation Lead

Hager is a clinical research professional with over 10 years of experience running clinical trials in oncology, hematology, and cardiothoracic surgery at nationally renowned institutions including the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and Columbia University. She is currently the Global Clinical Implementation Lead at Alivecor, working with institutional and industry partners to utilize Alivecor’s innovative Kardiamobile 6L device in both clinical trials and post registration programs.

Matthew Jenkins

Matthew Jenkins

Director, Cardiac Digital Solutions, BioPharma Sales

Matt brings 25 years of experience in the biopharma industry, specifically in clinical trial research. With a strong background in trial management, he specializes in consulting with pharmaceutical companies and CROs to implement device and biosensor strategies and integrations into their studies and clinical trials. Matt joined AliveCor after holding roles with globally recognized companies focusing on clinical trial research, including Greenphire and Merative. He focuses on best partnering with sponsors and CROs in implementing AliveCor's vast cardiovascular solutions to improve the patient and healthcare professional experience through clinical trials.

Arielle Raasch

Arielle Raasch

Project Manager, BioPharma

Arielle is a seasoned project management professional with nearly a decade of experience in clinical trials. At AliveCor, she aims to make studies and partnerships run smoothly, providing guidance and responsive communication to sponsors, CROs, and clinical trial sites. Arielle has a passion for building strong customer relationships and for finding solutions for each customer and project's unique needs.


**QT measurements made using EK12 ECG algorithm.