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AliveCor Launches Third Generation Heart Monitor in the UK & Ireland

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. March 19, 2015

New Compact Medical Grade Mobile ECG Device Offered at Only £74.99

AliveCor, Inc. announced today the launch of its third generation AliveCor® Heart Monitor in the UK & Ireland. Now at an introductory price of £74.99 users have the ability to identify and manage heart conditions with a CE marked electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor, anywhere and at anytime. The third generation device is now 50% thinner and 40% lighter and was designed from first-hand customer feedback and in collaboration with global design firm IDEO.

Heart arrhythmias are one of the top ten reasons why people go to the hospital. Certain arrhythmias can cause sudden cardiac death, which kills 100,000 in the UK annually. According to the Arrhythmia Alliance, 80% of these deaths could be avoided through better diagnosis. Atrial fibrillation specifically, continues to be the most common heart rhythm disturbance, and is responsible for a third of all strokes. AF and AF-related illness costs the National Health Service over £2.2 billion annually – a cost that is expected to rise as the incidence of AF accelerates. AliveCor is focused on empowering consumers to use technology previously reserved for specialists, to better understand, manage and control their heart health. By enabling users to take an active role in their own health and moving the focus from process to people, patients can become active consumers and partners in their heart health to reach a diagnosis.

Today, users of the AliveCor Heart Monitor have recorded more than two million ECGs and on average are recording 160,000 ECGs per month and actively tracking over 30,000 symptoms, medications and activities that may be affecting their health. In the five months since the AF Detector algorithm was launched, AliveCor has detected more than 65,000 incidents of possible AF in more than 20% of users recording ECGs. Detecting AF is the first step to initiating a treatment plan to reduce stroke risk, as people with AF are five times more likely to suffer a stroke than those without the condition. Additionally, users continue to engage with the product over time: 70% are regularly using the device after six months*.

“The AliveCor Heart Monitor gives me peace of mind knowing whether or not I need to go to the ER. I live more than two hours from my cardiologist so having this device at home and being able to see if I am having a normal rhythm is really important as it saves me time and allows me to visually see what is happening in real time with my heart,” said Regina Davis, AliveCor Patient Since June 2014. “I love that the new device is slimmer and more discreet with the same great technology I am used to. I recommend this device to everyone I know that is concerned with their heart health!”

“We are focused on continually innovating our products and services so that we can allow patients to live long, healthy lives, while also continuing to drive change in this industry,” said Euan Thomson, president and chief executive officer at AliveCor. “The newest generation device will help shift the future of healthcare and confirms AliveCor’s ongoing commitment to help stop the unnecessary loss of life and healthcare costs driven by undiagnosed and under-managed heart arrhythmias that lead to potentially life-threatening conditions like strokes.”

The third generation AliveCor Heart Monitor compatible with the AliveECG app, is available for order now on Amazon.

The AliveCor® Heart Monitor is intended to record, store and transfer single-channel ECG rhythms. The AliveCor Heart Monitor also displays ECG rhythms and detects the presence of atrial fibrillation and normal sinus rhythm. The AliveCor Heart Monitor is intended for use by healthcare professionals, patients with known or suspected heart conditions and health conscious individuals. The AliveCor Heart Monitor is compatible with all iOS and most Android OS mobile devices. With secure storage in the cloud, users have the ability to access their data confidentially anytime, anywhere.

*based on users engaged >30 days

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