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AliveCor Brings World's Only Six-lead, FDA-cleared Personal ECG to India

New Delhi, Delhi, India

New Delhi, Delhi, India

  • ECG pioneer AliveCor enters India with world’s only 6-lead personal ECG device
  • No hospital visits, no wires, no gels, no inconvenience; AliveCor’s KardiaMobile 6L is in India
  • India’s heart care gets a big boost with world’s most clinically validated personal ECG device
  • Introducing the only personal ECG devices that can detect the 3 most common arrhythmias

AliveCor, the global leader in US FDA-cleared personal electrocardiogram (ECG) technology, today announced its entry in the Indian market with the revolutionary launch of the most clinically-validated personal ECG device, KardiaMobile 6L. Owing to the accessibility challenges to quality healthcare in the country and COVID related infection fears, the portable and technology-enabled ECG device will help deliver affordable and convenient heart care to over 260 million heart patients and those at risk, without visiting a hospital.

KardiaMobile 6L is the only personal ECG device in the world that can detect the three most common arrhythmias or irregular heartbeat-atrial fibrillation (AFib), bradycardia, and tachycardia, which require regular monitoring and a healthy lifestyle. AliveCor’s innovative technology gives patients the ability to record a medical-grade ECG in just 30 seconds, with no hospital visits and complete peace of mind. The device is small enough to fit in a pocket, allowing users to check in on their heart anytime, anywhere right from their smartphone. In a country like India where over 70% of the population owns a smartphone, this technology comes as a big boost to make heart care accessible, affordable and convenient.

Across the world, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of mortality. According to The Lancet report, an estimated 54.5 million people are affected by CVD in India, leading to one in four deaths[i]. Reports also suggest that arrhythmias, like AFib, affect an estimated 10 million people in India and are leading indicators of heart disease and stroke.

AliveCor’s entry into India comes at an opportune time when the public is cautioned to stay at home and the condition of most patients suffering from heart abnormalities has been worsening[ii]. While infection scare at hospitals is hampering regular check-ups, KardiaMobile 6L gives consumers the ability to keep track of their heart health from the comfort of home. The pocket-sized, portable device enables clinicians to manage patients remotely. Considering the ongoing health crisis, use of KardiaMobile 6L reassures optimal clinical control and caters to the need for efficient tools for safe out-of-hospital management. For patients with pre-existing conditions or those who feel a symptom, it provides convenience to track heart health on-the-go without hospital visits.

Priya Abani, Chief Executive Officer, AliveCor mentioned, “With hundreds of millions at risk for heart disease across the globe, accessible heart care has never been more important. AliveCor’s expansion into India is pivotal to our mission of providing remote, medical-grade heart care to those who need it most. We are committed to innovating digital health services in India by offering patients the ability to take control of their own heart health from the comfort of home.”

As digital health emerges as a key objective for India where healthcare accessibility is a concern, mobile healthcare through a device like KardiaMobile 6L bears utmost value. AliveCor’s Kardia devices have catered to nearly 1 million users, across 37 countries, and recorded more than 80 million ECGs till date. Early detection of arrhythmias is critical, and through the launch of KardiaMobile 6L, AliveCor puts the power of early detection directly into the hands of patients in India.

AliveCor’s KardiaMobile 6L is priced at INR 14000 and KardiaMobile is priced at INR 8500. They are available for purchase at alivecor.in.

About AliveCor

AliveCor, Inc. is transforming cardiological care using deep learning. The FDA-cleared KardiaMobile device is the most clinically validated personal ECG solution in the world. KardiaMobile provides instant detection of atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia, and normal heart rhythm in an ECG. Kardia is the first AI-enabled platform to aid patients and clinicians in the early detection of atrial fibrillation, the most common arrhythmia and one associated with a highly-elevated risk of stroke. AliveCor's enterprise platform allows third party providers to manage their patients and customers’ heart conditions simply and profitably using state-of-the-art tools that provide easy front-end and back-end integration to AliveCor technologies. AliveCor protects its customers with stringent data security and compliance practices, achieving HIPAA compliance and Type 1 SOC2 attestations. AliveCor is a privately-held company headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. “Consumer” or “Personal” ECGs are ECG devices available for direct sale to consumers.

For more information, please visit alivecor.in.

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