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AliveCor and Preventice Solutions Launch Pilot Cloud-Based Analytics Program

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. March 16, 2015

Working together to use AliveCor’s proven algorithms to optimize workflow for arrhythmia monitoring

AliveCor, Inc. announced today the launch of a cloud based electrocardiogram (ECG) analytics program with Preventice Solutions, a strategic combination of eCardio Diagnostics® and Preventice®, a leading provider of remote monitoring products and services. Using AliveCor’s proprietary algorithms in this pilot program, Preventice Solutions intends to improve its internal workflow by reading the most critical ECGs first. This is a limited pilot program where all ECGs have their final interpretation provided by the award winning independent diagnostic testing facility of eCardio, which is owned by Preventice Solutions; it is the beginning of a new platform for AliveCor’s proprietary algorithms.

AliveCor® is known for its AliveCor Heart Monitor and its AliveECG mobile app that uses FDA-cleared algorithms to analyze ECGs for potential arrhythmias. For the first time, the company will use their algorithms to analyze ECGs from traditional cardiac event monitors as well. This potential expansion of AliveCor’s services may extend its automated ECG analytics to cardiac monitoring companies like Preventice Solutions and hospital cardiology departments providing an easy to use, physician-led way of monitoring patients for suspected or diagnosed arrhythmias.

“The intention of this new pilot program is to demonstrate the power of our algorithms and is just the start of a larger ECG-based analytics program that we are working to develop and obtain clearance for. We believe that our ECGs and algorithms can provide guidance to medical practitioners and patients and as a result help to make better, more informed decisions,” said Euan Thomson president and chief executive officer at AliveCor. “Not only can hospitals use our algorithms for screening programs and day-to-day monitoring, we will be able to extend the access of our algorithms to a variety of companies that may have a need to analyze ECGs from traditional or mobile event monitors.”

“We are coming together at a pivotal time in the mobile healthcare industry. As health reform demands more focus on delivering quality outcomes and reducing costs, providers are turning to technology like remote monitoring to diagnose and treat more patients in ways that use time, money and human resources efficiently and effectively. Our vision is to become a worldwide leading remote monitoring company,” said Jon Otterstatter, president and chief global strategy officer of Preventice Inc.

This strategic program expands upon AliveCor and Preventice Solutions’ current relationship. Through the AliveECG app, AliveCor users are provided with an analysis service that offers expert review of ECGs, powered by eCardio independent monitoring diagnostic facility owned by Preventice Solutions. Users can send ECG readings to remote cardiac technicians for detailed interpretation, at any time, providing users with a more complete picture of their current heart health. Patients can either pay $2 to get their report back in 24 hours, or $5 to get their report within 30 minutes.

About AliveCor, Inc.

AliveCor Inc. is a global innovator in mobile technology for heart health. AliveCor works with health systems to help identify patients with undiagnosed heart conditions before potentially life-threatening conditions, like stroke, can occur. AliveCor helps diagnosed patients work with their physician to monitor, track and manage their condition in new ways. AliveCor is a privately-held company headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. For more information, please visit www.alivecor.com.

AliveCor is a trademark of AliveCor, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


Preventice Solutions is a strategic combination of eCardio and Preventice. Together, we are designing the industry’s most “tuned in” customer service experience. Using patient and physician insights to create revolutionary monitoring technologies and services that connect patients and caregivers in a way that redefines what healthcare can be. Operating and corporate functions will be managed from eCardio’s existing corporate headquarters in Houston while the clinical research and product development activities will remain at Preventice’s Rochester, Minn., location. eCardio’s two Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities will continue to monitor patients from Houston and South

San Francisco.

eCardio Diagnostics, LLC and Boost Information Systems, Inc., doing business as Preventice, are independent, wholly owned subsidiaries of Preventice, Inc.


eCardio Diagnostics® is a leading partner in the delivery of optimal patient care by offering the complete wireless monitoring solution for physicians needing accurate and timely arrhythmia detection in the outpatient setting. Winner of numerous awards from the technology, health, and business sectors, eCardio provides a vast array of products including mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) and cardiac event monitors. Our leading-edge diagnostic innovations and digital solutions, combined with our award-winning Monitoring Centers provide physicians and their patients with flexible, fast, and accurate arrhythmia monitoring solutions. For more information, visit www.ecardio.com.

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