Alivecor Leadership

Cora Locke

Chief Marketing Officer, Consumer

Cora Locke is a seasoned global marketing leader with 20 years of experience in consumer marketing and a passion for improving the health and lives of people around the world. As Chief Marketing Officer, Cora is responsible for driving high-impact consumer marketing & corporate communication initiatives, with a focus on expanding the company’s global consumer footprint and shaping the company’s narrative and positioning. Responsible for AliveCor’s global media and messaging strategy, Cora has played a significant role in scaling the company’s consumer, retail, and subscription businesses across 40+ countries, while building brand equity for AliveCor’s suite of pioneering ECG products and services.

Known for her ability to unify people, information, and ideas to drive organizational impact, Cora has a proven track record of successful product launches and creating breakthrough campaigns throughout her career. Prior to her role as CMO, she served as VP of Consumer Marketing at AliveCor and held key marketing positions within notable companies in the healthcare and consumer technology sectors.