Manage Your Patients Remotely with KardiaMobile 6L

KardiaMobile 6L is the world’s first CE-marked, six-lead personal ECG that gives you an unparalleled view of your patients’ hearts in seconds—no matter where they are. Paired with our simple remote patient monitoring platform KardiaPro, you’ll be able to assess your patients’ P, QRS, and T waves remotely.

Peace of mind for your patient, streamlined and accurate data for you.

Data Integration Solutions

AliveCor integration opportunities enable healthcare professionals and enterprise clients to monitor patient heart data with KardiaMobile 6L, our six-lead personal ECG. We offer a variety of integration technologies for your own ecosystem, such as our Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API). These allow you to streamline ECG interpretation through remote patient monitoring and deliver enhanced patient care.

Front-end Integration: SDK

The Kardia app SDK enables your enterprise to incorporate the Kardia app software to access our KardiaMobile 6L device on your developed mobile app.

Back-end Integration: KardiaPro API

AliveCor’s Kardia API allows access to patient data stored in the AliveCor cloud from your enterprise system, so that it can be imported into another system of analysis.

AliveCor BioPharma

AliveCor BioPharma partners with pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, and clinical trials to remotely capture critical heart data, anytime and anywhere.

  • Clinical Research
    In partnership with Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and pharmaceutical companies, AliveCor removes barriers to capturing study data by enabling easy remote cardiac monitoring for phase I-IV clinical trials.
  • Cardiac Safety Monitoring
    Because certain medications may have potential adverse effects on patients, such as QT prolongation, many healthcare professionals reconsider prescribing them despite some medications having a higher efficacy than their alternatives. AliveCor’s Cardiac Safety Monitoring (CSM) programs are implemented to capture critical heart data prior to and during patient treatment to help physicians make informed medical decisions.
  • Drugs+ and Beyond the Pill Programs
    To help improve the delivery of life-changing medicines, AliveCor BioPharma enables ongoing patient monitoring of certain cardiac conditions. Our remote monitoring devices, apps, and services can be used for patient screening, disease monitoring, medication management and more.

AliveCor Enterprise Solutions

AliveCor Enterprise Solutions offers health systems a customizable platform to efficiently capture cardiac data from point-of-care to outpatient remote monitoring. Turnkey or customized data integration options can be tailored to meet specific enterprise needs.