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Personalized cardiovascular care, open 24/7

Introducing a comprehensive heart health program that helps your employees or plan members manage their cardiovascular health, with human-led, tech-enabled care.

Woman smiling while using KaridaComplete app on her smartphone Woman smiling while using KaridaComplete app on her smartphone
of ALL cardiovascular disease
is preventable and results in exorbitant health spending and lost productivity*

Transforming care to take on the growing human and financial toll of cardiovascular disease

KardiaComplete is a customizable program designed to address the needs of people living with heart disease or hypertension.** It engages participants with real-time heart data that enables personalized care and coaching. Accessed from anywhere, KardiaComplete also aims to achieve greater health equity by making care more convenient.***

Real-time cardiovascular data meets specialized coaching

For your employees or plan members who have established cardiovascular disease, such as atrial fibrillation or hypertension, and are looking to proactively take control of their health, KardiaComplete provides participants with easy-to-use ECG and blood pressure monitors, one-on-one coaching, and ongoing clinical care.

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KardiaComplete offers:

  • Real-time, 24/7 heart care from anywhere
  • Easy-to-use, medical-grade remote monitoring devices
  • Specialized heart health coaching
  • One-on-one virtual consults with cardiologists

With KardiaComplete, participants get a premium solution to track and manage heart problems from anywhere—with virtual coaching and care paired with the #1 doctor-recommended remote monitoring devices.

Intended benefits for employers and payers

  • Improve outcomes with a proactive condition management program
  • Reduce cost by optimizing healthcare utilization through prevention and clinical management
  • Augment existing health programs and care

intended benefits for participants

  • Access convenient and timely cardiovascular care
  • Peace of mind by tracking ECG and blood pressure anytime, anywhere
  • Take control of heart health with personalized goals and insights

What's included:

ECG Monitoring Device

The #1 patient-preferred ECG monitoring device

KardiaMobile® 6L captures the most common cardiac rhythms, including arial fibrillation.††

BP portable monitor

The #1 doctor-recommended portable blood pressure monitor

OMRON® Evolv® BP portable monitor tracks blood pressure readings.

Using the KardiaComplete app, participants will also have access to additional program benefits:

One-on-one health coaching

Access to personalized, on-demand support to help participants achieve healthy behaviors.

Live consults with cardiologists

Participants will be able to connect with board-certified cardiologists about their heart health.

AskKardia™ – 24/7 virtual digital assistant

AskKardia™ provides answers to heart health-related questions.†††

Let's transform cardiovascular care together

If you are an employer, payer, or health system looking for a comprehensive heart health enterprise solution, contact us below.

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*Source: cdc.gov/chronicdisease/about/costs/index.htm
**Eligible for dependents over 18.
***Program not meant to replace regular visits with cardiologists.
Licensed in your state from an affiliated medical service provider.
††KardiaMobile 6L does not check for heart attack.
†††AskKardia does not provide medical advice and is not a substitute for medical advice from a licensed professional.