Delivering innovative remote cardiac solutions for healthcare professionals.

We empower patients, providers, payers, biopharma partners, and health systems with intelligent, highly-personalized heart data available anytime, anywhere.

Our Technology

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patients around the world in over 40 countries*

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States.

80% of cases are preventable.

We are advancing our mission with end-to-end cardiological care and services for consumers, patients, providers and payers that use state-of-the-art tools to improve diagnosis and treatment and help reduce disparities in care.*Data on file

Our solutions

AliveCor was founded on the strength of our proprietary technologies: AI-enabled, machine learning-powered ECG sensors that deliver medical-grade heart data anytime, anywhere. Our digital tools help patients access, manage and share their data, and connect with cardiologists to better understand and manage their heart health.

Our Customers

For patients and consumers, we offer remote and connected cardiac care services for the 99% of the time they aren’t in front of their physician.

For healthcare professionals, we provide deep, real-time analysis of heart rhythm data that seamlessly connects our technology to existing workflows.

For our biopharma partners, we are advancing disease and safety monitoring solutions to mitigate risk of potentially dangerous medication side effects.

For health systems, we offer an enterprise platform that allows practices to remotely track their patients' heart rhythm data.

For payers and employers, we offer a PEPM cardiac health solution to help manage the mounting costs of heart disease.