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At the Forefront of Cardiac Monitoring Solutions

AliveCor is pioneering the integration of accurate, patient-friendly cardiac monitoring in clinical trials. Widely adopted across various therapeutic areas, AliveCor's solutions set new standards for efficiency, accuracy, and patient engagement in cardiac care.

Working with leading Pharma companies to smaller biotechs, device companies, and government agencies, AliveCor is trusted by industry leaders and researchers worldwide for its proven expertise in cardiac monitoring and its patient-centric, cost-effective, and reliable solutions.

Patient-Preferred ECG Technology for Clinical Research


Unlike traditional ECG systems, our devices require no cumbersome wires or patches.

Ease of Use

Simple and intuitive, record ECGs in 30 seconds for stress-free daily monitoring. Our solutions empower patients to be able to engage in their own care.

Instant Feedback

Clinicians and patients receive instant analysis, accelerating diagnosis, and identifying at-risk patients remotely or in-office.

Mobility for Remote Trials

Compact and portable, allowing for ECG monitoring anytime, anywhere.

The Difference for Sponsors:
Engaged Patients & Clinical Trial Success.

Our technology is designed for patients, appealing to a broader demographic from its ease of use and reliability. Adopting AliveCor's ECG technology benefits sponsors throughout their clinical trials in multiple ways:

Data Management and Patient Experience

  • Increased Patient Recruitment and Retention

    Integrating AliveCor in your trials facilitates recruitment, accelerates trial conduct, and improves retention rates by enhancing participants' experiences.

  • Scalable Solutions Across Therapeutic Areas

    Customizable to fit the scope and complexity of any study, traditional or decentralized.

  • Enhanced Data Quality

    AliveCor's ECG readings result in high-quality data, reducing the need for repeat tests and ensuring more dependable trial outcomes.

  • Real-Time Monitoring and Intervention

    AliveCor enables ongoing, real-time cardiac monitoring, allowing intervention and enhancing patient safety and trial reliability.

Clinical Operations
and Procurement

  • Cost Efficiency

    Our solutions enable remote data collection and analysis, reducing the need for in-person ECG monitoring, on-site visits, and associated costs.

  • Data Security and Regulatory Excellence

    Ensure patient privacy and compliance in a global context.

  • Regulatory Compliance and Security

    HIPAA‑compliant and SOC‑2 certified to meet stringent regulatory standards, AliveCor’s technology ensures data integrity, security, and compliance throughout the trial process.

  • Dedicated Support for Trial Success

    Experienced trial management, comprehensive training, and support to facilitate smooth trial operations.

Our Clinical Research Partners

AliveCor works with some of the leading companies, including:

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