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Leverage the Most Validated ECG Solutions for Clinical Trials

At the heart of clinical research and widely adopted across various therapeutic areas, from small biotechs and academia to large pharmaceutical companies and registrational trials, AliveCor's solutions set new standards for efficiency, accuracy, and patient engagement in cardiac monitoring.

Power your sponsors with technology trusted by industry leaders and researchers worldwide. Gain and deliver proven expertise in cardiac health management and leverage AliveCor's patient-centric, cost-effective, and reliable solutions.

Powering Sponsors. Powering Clinical Trials.

Over 80% of clinical trials do not reach their recruitment targets within their specified timeframe, creating trial delays and increased costs.1,2 CROs have opportunities and imperatives in leveraging digital health technologies.

Our solutions are designed for patients, appealing to a broader demographic from the ease of use and reliability, demonstrating faster patient recruitment and higher adherence3,4 in decentralized, hybrid, and traditional clinical trials. Remote ECG data is delivered and streamlined with EHR, API, and SDK data integration options or our proprietary platform.

Adopting AliveCor's ECG technology enables CROs to achieve:

  • Market Differentiation

    Win more studies by leveraging the most clinically validated mobile ECG in the world that provide advanced determinations, including AFib, QT interval,** and much more.*

  • Patient Engagement

    Integrate AliveCor solutions in clinical trials to facilitate recruitment, accelerate trial conduct, and improve retention rates by enhancing participants' experiences with our mobile ECGs that have proven high patient adherence.3,4

  • Operational Efficiency

    Scalable solutions across therapeutic areas, customizable to fit the scope and complexity of any study, traditional or decentralized, enabling easy integration of trial data through API and FDA-cleared SDK, or proprietary platform.

  • Enhanced Data Quality

    AliveCor's ECG readings result in high-quality data, reducing the need for repeat tests. Enable ongoing, real-time QT** interval monitoring, allowing intervention and enhancing patient safety and trial reliability.

  • Greater Economies Across Trials

    Enable remote data collection and analysis, reducing the need for in-person ECG monitoring, on-site visits, and associated costs across all trials.

  • Tiered-pricing

    Benefit from pricing models designed so CROs can scale and adapt to sponsors’ requirements.

Deliver a Patient-Focused Model for Enhanced Clinical Data and Patient Engagement

Clinical Quality QT** Determinations

High-quality, instant, and automated QT determination readings for QT interval analysis

Real-Time ECG Data Collection Across your Team, Sponsors, and Sites

Instant capture and transmission of ECG data, ensuring data quality and patient safety

Data Integration with any Global EDC

Seamlessly integrate with other clinical systems for comprehensive patient overview

Remote Monitoring

Portability facilitates hybrid trials, reducing patient burden and expanding recruitment possibilities

Using KardiaMobile 6L in Clinical Research Today

AFib Monitoring in DCT

DeTAP Study evaluated oral anticoagulation therapy for Atrial Fibrillation (Afib).

Remote monitoring of 100 participants in single-arm trial design with KardiaMobile 6L demonstrated:

  • Rapid recruitment (100 participants in 28 days, >300 waitlisted)
  • High engagement (99% ECG completion)

QT Interval Monitoring in DCT

Study4 evaluated efficacy of COVID-19 treatment required cardiac safety monitoring of the QT interval.

Multi-center randomized clinical trial was fully remote, monitored the QT interval for 231 participants (3,256 ECGs), and demonstrated:

  • 85% adherence to daily ECGs over 2 weeks
  • Effectiveness of digital tools (i.e. KardiaMobile 6L) to conduct rigorous, safe, fully remote clinical trials

Our Clinical Research Partners

AliveCor works with some of the leading companies, including:

AliveCor is more than a partner. Together, we are leaders in the charge for patient-centered healthcare innovation. Their 6L EKG device is a key part of Medidata’s Sensor Cloud program and their cardiac monitoring technology empowers us to design clinical trials that are more efficient, cost-effective, and more beneficial for patients.

AliveCor's technology equips our sponsors and CROs to collect essential heart data and QT information, which is critical in drug development. It supports a greater patient experience and confidence which translates into greater success in our trials. Working with AliveCor, we meet the real-world needs of patients and caregivers, driving tangible improvements in healthcare outcomes and research efficacy.

Matt Noble

SVP, Head of Patient Cloud, Medidata

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*KardiaMobile 6L does not check for heart attack.

**QT measurements made using EK12 ECG algorithm.

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